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Does the working mode of 28S port impact rate limit?


Use the command Speedadvertise to set the maximum configuration for both the local port and the port at peer end after automated negotiation. For example, when an 100M port is configured as 100M half-duplex externally and it negotiates with the port at peer end,this 100M port will inform the port at the peer end that the 100M port supports 100M half-duplex/10M full-duplex/10M half-duplex and will not inform that the local port supports 100M full-duplex. Solution: Use command

set port <port number> speedadvertise speed10 fullDuplex to set the port self-adoptive and10M full duplex to avoid the above problem from happening. Tests show that the rate hardly decreases. Case study: Connect 2826S (V1.11.e) port with a computer, and carry out the test by downloading through FTP. When both ends are self-adoptive or 10M full duplex ports, the downloading rate is around 700Kbps. When 2826S port is set as 10M, and the computer is self-adoptive, the downloading rate is only a little bit more than 300Kbps. Cause Analysis: When a switch is set 10M full duplex and a computer self-adoptive, the switch becomes 10M half-duplex after operation & self-adoption and many conflicts are created in this process that lead to rate decrease.


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