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ZTE Unveils Redesigned Logo in New Strategic Focus on M-ICT Innovations


New corporate identity epitomized by new “Tomorrow never waits” slogan as ZTE focuses on transformative M-ICT innovations for consumers, carriers, enterprises and organizations


30 December 2014, Shenzhen, China -- ZTE Corporation (“ZTE”) (H share stock code: 0763.HK / A share stock code: 000063.SZ) today unveiled a redesigned logo, presenting a new corporate identity that is aligned with the company’s strategy to focus on transformative value-added M-ICT innovations for consumers, carriers, enterprises and organizations as mobile connectivity and cloud-based technologies reshape the digital landscape.


Under ZTE’s M-ICT strategy, the company is committed to its mission to drive innovations in telecommunications, enterprise computing and consumer devices to help customers adapt and thrive in the era of intelligent, always-on connectivity. In the M-ICT world envisioned by ZTE, the inexorable growth of mobility will equip a plethora of new devices and objects with the capability to connect and communicate with each other or with humans in real-time. The new ZTE slogan, “Tomorrow never waits”, reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to providing customers with access to technology solutions that will define the future.


Please download infographic for pictorial view of ZTE’s M-ICT strategy:



The rounded design and lighter color of the new ZTE logo dovetails with the company’s new CGO philosophy (Cool – Green – Open), which will drive innovations that are dynamic, youthful and compelling to users, sustainable and environmentally responsible, as well as open-minded and collaborative.


“ZTE is evolving our operations in line with our broader M-ICT vision, which will help us deliver higher value to customers and drive the growth of our business,” said Shi Lirong, President and Chief Executive Officer of ZTE Corporation. “Our new M-ICT strategy will open up a total addressable market of USD 3.5 trillion for ZTE, far bigger than the USD 350 billion telecommunications market.”


Harnessing ZTE’s capabilities and expertise in the three main operating divisions: Carrier Solutions, Enterprise Business and Mobile Devices, the company is strongly-positioned to offer customers with integrated end-to-end solutions as mobile Internet drives the convergence of telecommunications and information technologies. ZTE’s new CGO Laboratory, whose name is inspired by the core company philosophy, will also focus on innovations in emerging new technologies such as wireless charging for vehicles. In September, the world’s first large-scale public bus service powered by wireless charging technology, developed by ZTE and Dongfeng Automobile Co., entered service. The technology, based on electromagnetic induction, is the world’s most advanced wireless-charging solution, offering a new alternative for charging electrical vehicles, in addition to the current practices of plug-in charging and battery replacements.


For 30 years, ZTE’s products and services have helped connect more than 1 billion people globally, driving the growth of wireless and wireline network connectivity in Asia, the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa as the company became a global top-5 provider of telecommunications solutions. ZTE’s broad set of technology capabilities ranging from base stations, cloud computing systems, software to smartphones and wearables gives the company a strong platform to provide innovative next-generation converged solutions in the M-ICT era.


ZTE will encourage all its  employees globally to embrace the company’s new CGO philosophy, motivating them to adopt creative and fresh thinking, and a more energetic culture of open collaboration as the company strives to deliver the highest-performance products and innovations to customers.


“At the heart of the new strategy is the move towards a new company culture,” Mr. Shi said. “In the coming months, our customers will see the new ZTE through the actions and projects of our employees.”

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