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ZTE is a large-scale international communication enterprise who ranks No.5 in the equipment manufacturing industry and No.4 in the mobile manufacturing industry. 

ZTE  also specializes in providing customized ICT solution and has been operating in the service operator & private network market for over 20 years. In 1997, ZTE set up Private Network Department, a service which provides communication solutions to governments, railways, finance companies, electric power enterprises and high-speed roads.

In 2005, ZTE established Enterprise Network Marketing Center, while continuing to expand its channel partners in the energy, transportation, finance, education, medical services, large enterprises, and government fields.


In November 2010, Enterprise Network Center was renamed Government & Enterprise Network Center with the enterprise market becoming one of the four strategic markets for ZTE. 

As a leading international telecommunication equipment provider has with a rich technology background, ZTE has made big achievements in the overseas enterprise network market as described below:(1) It established Enterprise Network Marketing &Service Offices in over 100 countries /areas including US, India, Brazil, Japan, Russia, British, and France. (2) It provides excellent after-sales services, excellent training systems, and fast logistics, which help ZTE to build a positive reputation in the overseas market.


The enterprise market is huge due to the rapid development of the global informatization process.ZTE has fully prepared itself in aspects of technology R&D, solution development, business model innovation, comprehensive delivery, and cooperative channel partnership. It is estimated that the compound annual growth rate will reach above 50% in the next three years. ZTE is opening a new era for enterprise market.  Based on the win-win, cooperative, and open operation philosophies, ZTE is seeking to build relationships with more channel partners and customers to build a harmonious industrial ecology.

Mission & Vision
Mission: Based on the leading technologies, ZTE aims to provide safe, complete, comprehensive, and customized solutions and services for governments and enterprises.
Vision: Become the most trustworthy, cooperative partner and most excellent industry informatization expert
Be one of the most trustworthy, cooperative partners and informatization experts within the informatization industry

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