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How to configure nat for device of C-series?


1Static conversion

nat create static protocol ip|tcp|udp local-ip <local-ip-addr/address range> global-ip<global-ip-addr/address range> [local-port <tcp/udp-local-port>|any] [global-port <tcp/udp-global-port> |any] [matches-in-interface <interface>] [matches-out-interface <interface>]

2)Dynamic conversion

nat create dynamic local-acl-pool <local-acl> global-pool <ip-addr/ip-addr-range/ip-addr-list> [enable-ipoverload] [matches-in-interface <interface>] [matches-out-interface <interface>]

It is seen from the above commands that acl must be configured during dynamic conversion as shown in the following examples.

acl nat1 permit ip

nat set interface tone40 outside

nat set dynamic-binding-timeout 30

nat set interface zhuanxian inside

nat create dynamic local-acl-pool nat1 global-pool enable-ip-overload

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