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ZTE ETC NNOC Success Story

Project Background
    The Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation (ETC) is the second-largest company in Ethiopia.
     It was a big challenge for ETC to build centralized operation center. ETC needed to build an end-to-end NNOC (National Network Operation Center), in order to improve ETC operation and maintenance ability. And ZTE has been chosen as his partner. The project was started in April 2008 and finished in November 2009.
Customer Requirements
    As a continuation of the last five-year plan and after concentrating its efforts on education, health and agriculture, the Ethiopian government has decided to focus on the improvement of telecommunication services, considering them as a key lever in the development of Ethiopia.
    ETC wanted to improve operation and maintenance ability, and to provide the best quality of services to their customers.
Solution Highlights
    In the NNOC project phase II, ZTE delivered Tier 6 disaster recovery solution and DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) consulting service for ETC to keep critical business continuous.

  •  Unified planning and designing based on the standards like TIA-942 etc
  • Modularized, hierarchical and integrated planning as well as implementation on demand
  • Using Energy-saving and environment-friendly concepts and the natural conditions to reduce the operation cost
  • Provide operational IT platforms based on virtualization and cloud computing                                                                             


Data Center

Meeting Room

 Customer Benefits
 Establish the centralized full network management capabilities to increase the network performance and to provide better and more services to customers

  • Increase Operation and Maintenance level of ETC network, and lower OPEX
  • Provide a display window of ETC network and a symbol of Ethiopia modernization and promote ETC brand
  • Assist ETC to establish a professional team of Network Operation and Maintenance to meet the growth of network