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Pharmaceutical Logistics Solution

The general idea of pharmaceutical logistics solution is that of integrating all logistics enterprises and logistics information (including vehicles, drugs, roads, staffs, storage) into one platform, and then centralized analyzing to scientifically schedule and dispatch vehicles, drugs, roads, staffs, warehouses, in order to reduce empty-loading ratio, save storage expenses, decrease logistics cost and improve logistics efficiency. The implementation process expects that of providing consultation and plan for pharmaceutical logistics enterprises in the early phase of information construction to bring a series of technology innovation, pattern innovation and business process innovation.

Through taking partnership with professional logistics enterprises in pharmaceutical logistics industry chain, combining with our ICT professional integrated ability and technology strength, introducing cloud computing, Internet of things, e-commerce and other new technologies, and relying on advanced logistics management information system and equipment to effectively integrate upstream and downstream resources of medicine supply chain, take analysis and prediction of drug demand, optimize storage, transport and distribution link of drug logistics and provide the drugs security and tracing, improve drugs supervision level, so as to realize the logistics automation and information and promote social medical level.