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ZTE Distance Interactive Classroom Solution

ZTE’s distance interactive classroom solution is applicable to all education departments and institutions. Many governments have been focusing on the development of modern distance education and regrading it as a basic national policy. Based on video conferencing, the solution breaks the geographical and teacher resource constraints and realizes distance interactive video teaching and training. For countries and regions with a large population, low average national education level, and uneven distribution of educational resources, and large differences between urban and rural areas, distance interactive education plays a significant role in improving people’s cultural quality and skill level.
The distance interactive classroom system consists of classrooms, a platform and a portal. The classrooms are mainly divided into local recording and broadcasting classrooms (boutique recording, professional recording, normal recording), distance interactive classrooms (boutique interaction, professional interaction, normal interaction, mobile interaction), supplemented by AR and holographic laboratory.
The boutique interaction classroom of ZTE’s distance interactive classroom solution (five-position self-tracking) supports teaching image capture, coding and combined recording of teacher close-up, student close-up, dynamic PPT image signals, classroom panorama and remote classroom image. Students in other classrooms and campuses can watch the class online. Leveraging the state-of-the-art AR teaching technology, the solution supports interactive teaching activities between schools to enable students in remote areas to share the teaching resources of high-quality schools, greatly reducing teaching costs and promoting balanced development of education.