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ZTE National Data Center Solution

ZTE national data center solution, based on modular data center, is a fully-modularized solution that features continuous integration and rapid elastic scaling. It virtualizes and pools basic infrastructure resources (including computing, storage, network bandwidth, security, and database resources), and performs unified management of physical and virtual resources based on the cloud architecture. The solution can manage the whole life cycle of cloud services and monitor and maintain the cloud platform in a unified manner, so that resources can be dynamically distributed, redistributed, and reclaimed. According to user’s scenarios, ZTE can provide a customized solution by combining different modules and make quick delivery. The elastic, flexible, efficient, and safe data center solution can support users to carry out all kinds of businesses, meet user requirements for low cost, quick delivery, and on-demand deployment, and provide differentiated service portals and all-round security policies to ensure efficient and stable operation of the cloud computing platform.