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IaaS Solution

Background and Customer Requirements

ZTE IaaS cloud solution cloudifies IT basic resources, unifiedly manages computing resource pools, storage resource pools, and network resource pools, deploys resources based on needs, and dispatches resources dynamically.
If the IaaS solution is deployed, the following requirements can be met:
Computing resources on physical machines and virtual machines are integrated.
The distributed storage and disk array storage resources are integrated.
Network resources such as IP addresses, bandwidth, load balancing capacity, and fire walls are integrated.
Based on the policies of load and resource balancing, infrastructure resources can be deployed as resource instances and dispatched dynamically based on requirements.

Customer Benefits and Solution Values
Strengthen Customer Market competitiveness
Help customers to break through current operation bottle necks, to enhance competitiveness of IDC value-added products and application services, and to change from selling resources to services & IDCs.
Customize hardware to provide multiple services to meet requirements of high-/middle-/low-end customer groups.
Integrate current medium and small IDC resources to cover more market requirements.
Lower Customer Capex and Opex
Be compatible with current computing resources, storage resources, network devices, application processes to protect current software and hardware investment.
Integrate several servers to one physical server to lower 40% purchase costs. The usage rate of each server increases from 7% to 60%/80%.
Lower 70% to 80% operation costs, including data center space cost, cabinet cost, power consumption cost, cooling cost, and labour cost.
Easy to Deploy and Maintain to Improve Customer Operation Efficiencies
Help customers to deploy services in a short time (from hours to minutes). Time needed to re-construct services and to mount applications is from 20/40 hours to 15/30 minutes. If 100 servers are deployed, 3000 persons/hour can be saved each year.
Service maintenance time changes from several days/week for preparation and 1 to 3 hours for window maintenance to hardware maintenance and upgrade without shutting down services.
Unified Management to Improve Customer Service Levels
Help customers to establish the mapping relations between services and IT infrastructure resource pool in a short time
Add all servers and storage devices to a large resource pool for unified management and maintenance. Computing, storage, and network resources can be dispatched automatically based on needs.
Support non-stop expansion.

Advantages of the Solution and Cooperation
ZTE IaaS cloud solution is an end-to-end solution and can also be customized. The customized part includes physical machines, virtual machines, traditional storage, cloud storage, network devices (L2-L7), security devices, and cloud resource pools. ZTE can help customers to integrate the operation and maintenance system based on customers' needs.
Overall Solution
Cooperate with the upper and lower industrial chain to integrate physical and virtual resources
Provide unified management and maintenance of users, space services, resources, and devices
Virtualize computing, storage, and network resources
Provide overall solutions at the node level, cabinet level, and data center level.

Customized software and hardware
Provide customized software, self-service portals, and API for users and third-party applications
Provide customized and standard hardware platforms to meet low power consumption requirements and make the largest use of old devices
Uphold the open and customization principles in product R&D. Thus the products are easy to configure and to expand.

Green and Energy-Saving
Integrate computers, storage resources, network resources to the shared resource pool by virtualization to monitor usage rate of each physical device and to lower total power consumption.
Adjust in real time the consumption of each node to ensure the value is below the maximum to provide higher computing and storage densities.

Low cost
Provide customized, modular, and standard hardware platforms to meet low power consumption requirements and make the largest use of old devices
Integrate computers, storage resources, and network resources into the shared resource pool by virtualization to help lower purchase costs and reduce fees of management, power consumption, and air conditioning.
Have advantages on labour costs