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Container Data Center Solution

Background and Customer Requirements
In the traditional data center construction, a lot of units are involved. Thus it is very hard to ensure the speed and quality. Moreover, traditional data centers require large investments and its construction period is very long. Besides, the power consumption of traditional data centers is large; the PUE value is high; and the operation costs are also high. ZTE is devoted to solving above-mentioned challenges faced by traditional data centers and proposed energy-saving modular data centers. The modular centers are pre-manufactured in factories with accurate ventilation and high-density designs to solve problems of traditional data centers.


Customer Benefits and Solution Values
: The power consumption is low. The costs of IT management, administrative management, and operation & maintenance are reduced. The modular centers can be used in many environments to be suitable for ever-changing markets.
Fast deployment: The modular centers can be deployed in a short time to support new services.
Improve operation efficiencies: Standard modules are used to lower complexity, to meet scalability requirements, and to enhance security.


Advantages of the Solution and Cooperation
ZTE data center solution consists of three layers: physical infrastructure layer, IT infrastructure layer, and service application/operation layer. The solution provides enterprise IT hardware and software, a security system to protect user information, and a bottom-to-top management system to help users control all devices.

Solution Advantages
Cooperation Advantages
To help enterprises solve challenges in IT services, ZTE launched an overall IT solution – uNet service. ZTE uNet service is designed for communication, finance, energy, transportation, government, public utility, and business industries. Based on mainstream servers, storage devices, network devices, databases, and middleware, ZTE can customize solutions for users to meet their IT needs.
Based on the refined project management method, ZTE integrates production, logistics, and labours to provide a turn-key delivery mode.

Success Stories
Application Cases
The Afghanistan operator wanted to set up a data center in a remote area. Yet there were no equipment rooms and the environment was severe. But the operator was in urgent need of a data center to support new services. Based on customer’s needs, ZTE proposed the container data center solution, which can be deployed fast as the data center was pre-produced in factories. It only took few days to install it onsite.
Customer Evaluation
The Afghanistan operator used ZTE container data center solution and launched new services in a short time. The operator highly praised the solution.