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  • Core Router

    Product Details Designed for core nodes of the Internet, nodes P of backbone networks, and core egress nodes of large networks, ZTE core routers meet the requirements of the new generation Internet for bandwidth performance, quality of service, and service capacity, and are a ideal choice for construct your desired high-quality networks.

    ZXR10 T8000 Cluster Router
  • Intelligent Multi-Services Router

    Product Details To cater to the advent of an era with Triple Play, mobile Internet, IPv6, Internet of Things and cloud computing, ZTE has developed a portfolio of large-capacity, high-performance broadband integrated service gateway products as your best choice for building backbone networks, metropolitan area networks, Internet data centers (IDC), and campus networks.

    ZXR10 M6000-S Intelligent Full-Services Router
    ZXR10 M6000-2S Intelligent Multi-Services Bearing Router
  • Micro Cloud Gateway

    Product Details With profound understanding of ICT integration, ZTE based upon Office in Box theory releases ZXR10 MCG 5300 series micro cloud gateway. In addition to support routing services, the device also melt X86 server and storage services together to help customers to build their network systems rapidly.

    ZXR10 MCG 5300 Micro Cloud Gateway
    ZXR10 MCG 5110 Micro Cloud Gateway
  • Aggregation Routers

    Product Details ZTE aggregation routers, which integrate the functions of routing, switching, wireless, security, VPN and broadband access, are applicable to the egress gateways and headquarters/branch access for enterprise networks, core/aggregation/ access for longitudinal networks, network gateways for mobile office networks, and integrated business service centers for enterprises.

    ZXR10 6800 Series Router
  • Access Routers

    Product Details ZTE access routers, which integrate the functions of routing, switching, VPN, and NAT, offer diversified integration solutions for small and medium businesses, branches of large enterprises, field offices, mobile office users, Internet cafes, campus networks, and private networks, etc.

    ZXR10 ZSR V2 Series Router