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Network Security
  • Unified Security Gateway

    Product Details ZTE ZXSEC US products deliver unified security solutions for data centers, government, education, finance and SMBs, with features such as firewall, VPN, antivirus, intrusion prevention system (IPS), application control, web filter, DLP, WAN optimization, etc. 
    ZXSEC US’s multi-layered security solutions efficiently and economically provide an integrated set of security services in a single, easy-to-manage high-performance appliance that is capable of supporting a wide range of deployment. In addition, ZXSEC US subscription services include everything from technical support, antivirus updates, antispyware, and Web content filtering to ensure that your security environment remains current and your corporate resources are protected against the latest blended threats. 

    ZXSEC US300B
    ZXSEC US515B
    ZXSEC US1605B
    ZXSEC US1612B
    ZXSEC US2616B
    ZXSEC US2620B
    ZXSEC US6820
    ZXSEC US2640A
    ZXSEC US2640
    ZXSEC US2620
    ZXSEC US1620A
    ZXSEC US1612
    ZXSEC US1605
  • Anti-DDos

    Product Details