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As a member of ZTE BB access family, ZXDSL 9806H is focused on application in scenarios like limited space, outdoor environment, residential or business building. ZXDSL 9806H's features of small-size and high density bring in flexibility for installation more than ever before. Besides, its abundant interfaces as well as excellent performance in QOS and multicast significantly widen the coverage of services.



l  Integrated access platform: supports FE/GE, EPON/GPON and 10G EPON uplink; ADSL2/2+, VDSL2, SHDSL, FE and POTS downlink; it can work as DSLAM as well as MDU/MTU in EPON and GPON system;

l  Lowest power consumption and environment-friendly: the power consumption of port and whole system is less than average level in industry; low noise;

l  Flexible networking: offers various types of network, service, maintenance and test interfaces, meets the requirements for different environments and services, and various network topologies like star, chain, ring and hybrid;

l  High guarantee in IP QOS: supports various QOS mechanisms such as queue scheduling, flow classification, traffic detection, port rate limiting and traffic mirroring;

l  High reliability and security: the whole system adopts carrier-class reliability design which ensures high security and reliability;

l  Flexible outdoor installation: with ZTE's designed outdoor-type cabinet, ZXDSL 9806H can be installed in various outdoor scenarios like pole and residential / business building;

l  Awards and achievements:

  •  The first small capacity equipment in industry, the longest commercial duration
  • leads VDSL2 , supports diversified profiles to meet different application scenarios
  • Achieves multiple international/domestic awards

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