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IT Infrastructure
  • Data Center

    Product Details Mini
    To solve problems of constructing a data center, such as long construction cycle, high energy consumption, high cost, and bad manageability, ZTE launches ZTE USapphire Micromodular data center solution MDC2.0 and ZTE USapphire Container data center solution CDC1.2. ZTE, as the general integrator, is responsible for delivering and supporting services of the project life cycle and providing the project consulting planning, design services and 2-3 years paid service mode for maintenance services. ZTE has a strong R&D team with 800 engineers to support the project and guarantee the quality.

  • Servers

    Product Details ZTE server products have a number of independent intellectual property rights and patents in this field, including rack servers, blade servers and cloud computing server nodes, meet the Internet, high performance computing, database, data center and other needs of the scene, and with it the ZTE products form a rich product portfolio, meet customer business needs.

    ZXCLOUD R8500 G3 Rack Server
    ZXCLOUD R5300 G3 Rack Server
    ZXCLOUD E9000 Blade Server
  • Storage

    Product Details ZTE storage products over the years has been to adhere to independent research and development, support DAS, IP SAN, FC SAN, NAS and other storage architecture, enterprise users meet the massive data storage, data backup and other business needs, including audio production, multimedia video to IPTV, video monitoring, data storage, and database and document filing and data backup etc., can be widely used in the Internet, radio and television, government, education, security, small and medium sized enterprises.

    ZXCLOUD KU5200 Storage System
    ZXCLOUD KS3200 Storage System