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Smart Metering
  • AMI Platform

    Product Details PowerEM is ZTE brand on smart metering field, it means Power Efficiency Master,advanced AMI infrastructure to improve the power efficiency and reduce loss. 
    ZTE PowerEM include MDMS, HES, VMS, FIM and etc,.

    ZTE PowerEM AMI Platform
  • Smart Electricity Meter

    Product Details Prepaid smart meter, credit smart meter, multiple communication support, fixed line and wireless, PLC, NB-IOT, LoRa, 2G/3G/4G for multiple scenario.

    ZX E210 Single Phase Smart Meter
    ZX E211 Single Phase Smart Meter
    ZX E213 Single Phase Smart Meter
    ZX E220 Three Phase Smart Meter
    ZX E221 Three Phase Smart Meter
    ZX E230 Three Phase Smart Meter
    ZX E600 Data Concentrator
    ZX E630-GPRS Communication Module
    ZX E631-PLC&RF Dual Mode Communication Module
    ZX E633-PLC&RF Dual Mode Communication Module
  • Smart Water Meter

    Product Details Various type water- Optical Encoded Water Meter, Ultrasonic Water Meter, support Various Caliber scenario, various communication support,LoRa, NB-IOT.

    ZX W100 Water Meter
    ZX W200 Water Meter
    ZX W300 Water Meter
    ZX W400 Water Meter
    ZX W1100 Water Meter
    ZX WL1000 Water Meter
    ZX WL2000 Water Meter
    ZX WV100 Water Meter