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Cloud Desktop
  • ZTE uSmartBOX

    Product Details ZTE provides a full series of cloud terminal products for applying to different application scenarios. The ZTE uSmartBOX, ZTE’s cloud terminal, as a virtualized desktop access terminal, can be widely used in various industries including communication, government, financing, medicine and education. It is green, efficient, easy to manage to meet the customer’s requirements of investment reducing, energy saving and centralized management.

    ZTE uSmartBox CT261
    ZTE uSmartBox CT221G2
    ZTE uSmartBox CT321G2
    ZTE uSmartBox CT321G3
    ZTE uSmartBox CT340
    ZTE uSmartBox CT621G2
    ZTE uSmartBox X140
    ZTE uSmartBox X320
  • ZTE uSmartView Cloud Desktop

    Product Details ZTE cloud desktop solutions feature high security, excellent experience, high delivery, and low TCO, and are applicable to extensive industries such as telecom operators, government, medical care, education,,finance and energy. User-ends are various terminal devices of different configurations running on different operating systems, such as laptops, PCs, cloud terminals, pads, smartphones and STBs to access ZTE uSmartView.

    ZTE uSmartView Cloud Desktop
  • ZTE Cloud Terminal Management System

    Product Details ZTE launches the cloud terminal management system (thin terminal management system), which can realize remote, automatic, and batch management of terminal equipment, promote O&M efficiency, reduce O&M cost, ensure security of cloud terminals of the customer together with the enterprise IT flows and specifications, simplify maintenance of cloud terminals, and help enterprise users achieve efficient and smart cloudified management. 

    ZTE Cloud Terminal Management System