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IP Telephony
  • Multi-services Gateway

    Product Details ZTE multi-services gateway products are oriented to small and micro businesses, which integrate voice, data and wireless features to provide multi-service experience with low costs.

    ZXECS EBG2800
    ZXECS EBG 1202
  • VoIP Gateway

    Product Details ZTE VoIP gateway products are located at the edge access layer of the VoIP architecture, and provide analog subscriber line interfaces and E1/T1 interfaces for directly connecting the traditional PSTN/ISDN subscribers to a VoIP network.

    ZXECS AG 48s-X
    ZXECS AG 32s/16o-X
    ZXECS AG 16s-X
  • IP Phone

    Product Details ZTE offers a portfolio of high-performance desktop VoIP phones and video phones, providing diversified and high-quality mutimedia communication experience with voice, video and data.

    ZXV10 V510 V2 Video Phone
    ZXV10 P806 IP Phone
    ZXV10 P806L IP Phone
    ZXECS Phone P600
    ZXECS Phone eP810P IP Phone
    ZXECS Phone eP930P IP Phone
  • Rugged Phone

    Product Details Professional Smart Rugged Terminal for industry&outdoor information collection, sturdy and durable with high-grade dust-proof/water-proof, rich external information acquisition ability and transmit ability.

    R28 rugged phone
    T55 rugged phone
    T60 4G smart phone