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Video Conferencing
  • Video Infrastructure

    Product Details Infrastructure platforms that are used to provide video conference communication services for various users, with a variety of available service units for experiencing video conferencing services in different network environments.

    ZTE TrueMeet RMS4000
    ZTE TrueMeet MIG1000
    ZTE TrueMeet Insight
    ZTE TrueMeet E-meeting
    ZTE TrueMeet MCU M9000
    ZTE TrueMeet MCU M9000C
    ZTE TrueMeet MCU M910
    ZTE TrueMeet Cloud Conference MCU CCM1000
    ZTE TrueMeet Conference Management System MS90
    ZTE TrueMeet Traversal Server FTS2000
    ZTE TrueMeet Network Recording Server RMS2000
    ZTE TrueMeet Local Recording Server RMS1000
    ZTE TrueMeet Video Wall Server VDB100
  • TelePresence

    Product Details Full-HD, face-to-face, and immersive conference effect.

    ZTE Movable TrueSee System TRS210S
    ZTE Movable TrueSee System TRS210E
    ZTE Movable TrueSee System TRS220S
    ZTE Movable TrueSee System TRS220E
    ZTE TrueSee TPS320S
    ZTE TrueSee TPS320E
    ZTE TrueSee TPS330S
  • Terminal

    Product Details Video conferencing terminals or audio conferencing terminals for conference rooms, which enable multiple users to experience high-quality remote video or audio conferences in meeting rooms.

    ZTE TrueMeet T700S
    ZTE TrueMeet T900
    ZTE TrueMeet Room Terminal ET501
    ZTE TrueMeet Room Terminal ET701
    ZTE TrueMeet Room Terminal ET800
    ZTE TrueMeet Room Terminal ET802
    ZTE TrueMeet Software Terminal VT100
    ZTE TrueMeet Smart Conference All-in-one Device TCS310
  • Accessories

    Product Details Recommended accessories for video conferencing, with a variety of types to make your choice easier.

    ZTE TrueMeet V212AF
    ZTE TrueMeet Camera U210A
    ZTE TrueMeet Digital Array Microphone A100
    ZTE TrueMeet Wireless Digital Array Microphone A200
    ZTE TrueMeet Bluetooth Microphone A520