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The Guide for Product Purchase


Domestic Product Procurement

If you are interested in purchasing our product, please call us on the 800 hotline, and our specialists will provide comprehensive consulting service to you .

ZTE Enterprise Network Customer Service Center hotline number:
8008309870(Telephone), 4008309870(mobile)

The receptionist will forward your call to local sales or product manager  in regarding to questions on performance/function/technical solution and procurement request.


Overseas Product Procurement

Please contact ZTE local office if you are located overseas and want to ask about ZTE product and business.The contact information will be found in “About us- contact us ” on ZTE Enterprise website (http://enterprise.zte.com.cn/en/about_us/contact_us/) .


Individual Product Procurement

ZTE terminal products such as ADSL and ONT are not sold to individual buyer; they are sold to , operators only.
However, such terminal products are available in retail market sold by our partners in some countries, and you can buy them if you can find them in your local market.

ZTE Serves You

Consultation about Other Questions: