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ZTE showcased its Enabler@M-ICT concept on Monday 16 March at CeBIT in Hannover

ZTE showcased its Enabler@M-ICT concept on Monday 16 March at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany.ZTE’s Enabler@M-ICT concept focuses on creating value from information –spanning information collection, distribution, processing, storage, transmission, and consumption.

ZTE offers a complete portfolio of M-ICT solutions and products to fulfil its commitment to greener, more beautiful cities as well as more efficient enterprises. At CeBIT, ZTE will demonstratereal-life industry solutions and products to more than 200,000 visitors from around the world. ZTE’s solutions include:

• Wireless charging Wireless charging is ZTE’s latest power solution for new-energy vehicles. This solution has been put into commercial use and to date, ZTE has deployed this solution for China’s first wirelessly-charged bus route pilot programme in Xiangyang (Hubei) and the world’s first wirelessly-charged community bus in Chengdu (Sichuan).

• ATG broadband ZTE’s 4G air-to-ground (ATG) solution delivers internet access speeds of up to 30 Mbit/s on planes flying at an altitude of 10,000 metres. ZTE launched the Air China Wi-Fi Alliance with Air China and other stakeholders to promote the development of the civil aviation internet industry and cultivate a new industry ecosystem. This solution can be also applied to high-speed railways and subways.



ZTE focused on 11 topics, listed as follows from top down

Highlight Products

Focuses on fields of data communication, fixed network, WLAN, and video communication, and presents feature products such as switches, routers, home gateways, WLAN, VCS, and etc


Presents an integrated communication solution by integrating soft MCU with the MOA platform, and presents hardware video terminals which are suitable to small/medium-size enterprise clients.

Enterprise IT O&M

Presents IT system-integrated services for enterprises, and provides in-depth services such as professional system software customization, O&M, and managed services.

Cloud IDC

Presents the green and energy-saving Micro-module Data Center (MDC), which can be deployed efficiently, and the Virtual Desktop (including a server and thin clients), which can operate safely with high efficiency.

Safe City

Presents a solution of the safe city series, which improves the efficiency of the system responding to public emergencies, reduces the probability of emergencies, and improves the level of public security management in cities through big data analysis and mining.

Smart Education

Presents an interactive classroom, which makes classroom teaching more vivid, interesting, and interactive by providing abundant classroom-teaching interactive software and multimedia terminal devices, thus providing a new teaching mode for classroom teaching.

Smart Grid

Presents a comprehensive solution of smart grid by combining instruments such as intelligent electric meters.

Wireless Charging

Fully presents a clean new-energy system through the high-power wireless charging technology for new-energy vehicles.


Presents over-the-air Internet-access services by providing 4G technology-based ground-to-air broadband communication, so that users at an altitude of 10 km are entitled to the same Internet-access speed as that on the ground.

Train-Ground Wireless Communication

Presents a management, control, and scheduling system for railway transportation based on 4G

Traffic Information Service Platform

Presents an overall traffic information service solution, which is an undifferentiated and seamless solution for city traffic information services.

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