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ZTE and Intel Release New-gen Server, the New Engine for Digital Transformation


On July 25, following the recent release by Intel for its latest generation powerful scalable processor (the Skylake series), ZTE and Intel (Intel®) held a joint conference to release a variety of upgraded server and storage products, including the R5300 G4 dual-core server, R8500 G4 quad-core server, R8900 G4 eight-core server, multiple blade models, switchboard, and distributed unified storage system. The high-performance, high-scalability, and multi-scene IT infrastructure solutions provided by ZTE are making new, efficient, and easy engines for the digital transformation of enterprises.
The world is witnessing a new digital tide coming up that has the crucial features of big data, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and 5G. The mass heterogeneous data and high-bandwidth and low-latency requirements brought by the Internet of vehicles, industrial IoT, and AI make it hard for the traditional universal server and storage architecture to meet the rapid growth need of enterprises. This is in fact a big challenge faced by the digital transformation of businesses.

Targeted at the pain point of digital transformation, ZTE proposes the deep customization strategy of " software and hardware combination." More specifically, to improve the product performance, scalability, and flexibility from the hardware perspective, while optimize industry needs from the software perspective with guaranteed product reliability. To make this happen, the customized server and storage products are provided to fit into enterprises’ development needs.

The ZXCLOUD R5300 G4 of ZTE, the new generation of 2U dual-core rack server, is powered by Intel's latest Skylake series of processors with excellent computing performance. It supports up to 32 hard drives, and boasts a single machine capacity of 170TB. Its flexible and powerful expandability is able to meet the increasing storage needs of enterprises. Thanks to ZTE’s software-based optimization, the R5300 G4 also features high reliability and easy management, and can be widely adopted in applications including Internet, cloud computing, big data, and business-critical applications.

For some scenarios where high-performance computing is required, ZTE launches a new generation of ZXCOULD R8500 G4 quad-core rack server, which comes with Intel’s highest-end Purley platform and Skylake-EX processor to support 28 hard drives. It boasts the largest storage capacity in the industry as a quad-core rack server. Also with a number of unique designs and innovations in the chip, link, module and system, the ZXCOULD R8500 G4 is second to none in terms of the reliability, availability, scalability and creditability.

To address the need for computing, storage, and network convergence in the digital transformation, ZTE introduces the E9000 series dual-core half-height blade and dual-core full-height storage blade that come with converged computing, storage, and network. The blades are powered with the latest Skylake processors of Intel® to support *4 NVMe hard drive and M.2 dual SD cards. The ZTE E9000 series also integrates the switchboard solution that supports 100GE bandwidth. The series uses the new high-performance, low-power consumption, and multi-core ARM processor to have the big data storage and computing performance greatly enhanced, and thus is perfect for the OVERLAY, NFV/SDN high-throughput sequencing, and cloud computing applications.

For key applications, ZTE introduces a high-end eight-core server, which is also based on the latest Intel® Purley platform, and supports eight Intel Xeon processors, 96 DDR4 memory slots, and dual four-core hardware partitions. The R8900 G4 provides powerful computing performance, super-large memory and high-speed I/O interface, to support the NVMe high-performance SSD. It comes with rich RAS features to adapt to strict requirements of high-performance computing, large database, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) and other critical applications.

In addition to all the new server models, ZTE also releases KS10000, the distributed storage system, which works on the Ceph, the mainstream distributed file system, and supports flexible expansion, including independent expansion of hard drives and storage nodes, and synchronous expansion, to reach the EB level of storage. ZTE also expands application functions for real-world production environments, including intelligent deployment, better storage management, and performance tuning. Virtualized platforms including OpenStack and VMWare are supported for cloud hosts, cloud hard disk, and cloud storage resource pool of either the public or private cloud, which are applicable for scenarios including the large storage resource pool, multimedia video data storage, virtual data center, medium and large databases, and Internet, so as to meet the needs of enterprises to transform from the traditional IT architecture to cloudified and digital architectures.

Guo Shubo, General Manager of the server and storage products of ZTE, noted that ZTE, since 2005 when it established the server and storage product line, has released dozens of independently-developed storage and server products and accumulated a wealth of technical and service experience, with which ZTE should help customers to compete in the digital economy.

As introduced by Mr. Guo, the company has in-house engineers to research and develop all its storage and server products, which have not only made big breakthroughs in the market of three major Chinese operators, achieved quite a sales performance in the government and education sectors, but also entered the high-end market, namely, the financial trade. In this year’s group purchase tender of Postal Savings Bank of China, ZTE stood out of nearly ten competing bidders and ranked the second place with its mid-end disk array product, and the third place with its mid-end PC server, with a total contract amount of tens of millions of Chinese yuan.


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