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ZTE G&E General Overview

ZTE is a world-leading comprehensive telecommunication solution provider, the largest telecommunication equipment listed company, as well as a top ranking ICT solutions provider.

ZTE has committed in G&E industry for more than ten years. In 1997, ZTE set up a Private Network Department taking charge of the industry communication market. In 2005, ZTE established the Enterprise Network Sales Center taking charge of the enterprise network market so as to greatly expand channel partners and make breakthrough in the key markets such as energy, transportation, government, public utilities ( including education, medical care, the State Administration of Radio Film and Television),  finance, internet,. In early 2012, ZTE clearly defined its strategy for global G&E business, The G&E business will become one of ZTE's three major strategic businesses and a key growth engine for business development. At the end of 2013, ZTE formally established G&E business group, and fully optimized the organizational structure oriented to G&E business, greatly enhanced the Independent operation ability of G&E business.
ZTE, with deep understanding of the industry and customer needs, relying on the 18 R & D centers and 107 branches in the world, is committed to ICT solutions focused on six industries (energy, transportation, government, public utilities ( including education, medical care, the State Administration of Radio Film and Television),  finance, internet, supply chain) for government and enterprise customers to provide professional and efficient integrated solutions with 30 cross-application scenarios and over 80 industry-oriented sub-programs.

In 2013, we continue to maintain our status as the first brand in communication systems for domestic urban rail transit, and undertook the construction of more than 40 lines of communication systems in Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Harbin, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, and Wuhan. On this basis, ZTE further expands overseas railway market as well as domestic urban road transportation market. In terms of solution innovation, ZTE is developing from rail transit communication solutions to rail transit operation information solutions, and is committed to providing passengers with modern travel experience by constantly introducing new technologies. In the government sector, ZTE grasps the opportunity of China Central Government promoting “safe city, intelligent city”, and ZTE proposes the 4I (Information, Intelligent, Innovation, I with city) concept, which promotes all types of digitalized/informatized perceptive data and build a unified platform to realize information sharing so as to provide reference for citizens and provide data for government in its decision-making process. In the public safety sector, the ZTE U-Safety Public Security Network Solution is ranked No.1 in industry for its comprehensive competitiveness. The solution provides a unified ICT platform for handling public emergencies, preventing natural disasters, and monitoring ecological environment, in a bid to support the process of urbanization and transformation to a service-oriented government. Based on the Comprehensive Intelligent Park Solution Package built by the Science & Education New City in Taicang, Suzhou, ZTE conducts unified management for the hardware & software of the Park, support fast development, deploy industrial applications, and reduce OPEX spent on the Park. In the energy sector, ZTE contracted data networks of the State Grid Corporation and its 23 provincial subsidiaries. Meanwhile, ZTE work with its partners to develop Digital Oilfield Solution and Intelligent Mine Solution. Some customers (such as Shanxi Coking Coal Group Co., Ltd and Shanxi Dongjiang Coal Industry Group) used ZTE Intelligent Mine Solution and improved enterprise production efficiency/safety by applying the information communication technologies in coal production/management.

Besides using the Direct Selling Model, ZTE is also working diligently to build a global channel network and has signed with over 1800 channel agents in 28 countries and regions around the world. There are great scale breakthrough of channel markets in Germany, North America and Russia. In European high-end markets such as Britain, France, Germany, Poland, Turkey, we have started to contract with the local influential top 3 channel partners. We have 30 professional partners worldwide focusing on government, education, health care industry, video and data communications. We mainly promoted solutions on safe city, distance education, medicine and logistics integrated solutions and so on. Video products professional agents are all over Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Hungary, Mexico, Brazil, Russia and the Philippines in more than 20 countries, and have been rapidly spread. Data communication products in 36 countries such as Russia, Indonesia, Brazil and India also help expand the deepen cooperation with large partners.

Following the philosophy of “mutual benefits and win-win cooperation”, ZTE is willing to establish a strategic cooperation partnership with outstanding enterprises to provide excellent solutions and services for customers. Up to now, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Avaya, and Honeywell are all key strategic partners of ZTE. In the field of vertical industries, ZTE has established cooperative relationships with more than 300 industrial application providers through the implementation of the ISV ecosystem plan to provide customers with innovative personalized solutions.



Our Mission and vision
Vision: To provide users with the best experience of ICT services.
Mission: Join hands with partner, focusing the government information services and enterprise mobile application service, driving industrialization by informatization to assist society transformation and industry upgrade.
Brand slogan: Sharing with you.




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